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  • Searching for trade partners Maksym Shevchenko

    Searching for trade partners

    The outcome of Ukraine’s foreign trade this year is far from encouraging. In January-May, our exports were down by 35.9%, imports fell by 38.8%. This forces the government to introduce urgent measures to promote trading flows.

  • Is the Kremlin’s new offensive in Donbas possible? Kostyantyn Honcharov

    Is the Kremlin’s new offensive in Donbas possible?

    Russia continues to impose a scenario of local confrontation in Ukraine, just like in Transnistria, Abkhazia, or South Ossetia, while trying to "Ukrainize" the conflict in Donbas. UNIAN asked the experts whether a large-scale invasion is possible in this situation, given the escalation observed in the ATO zone in recent days.

  • Week in numbers Margarita Andreyeva

    Week in numbers

    Four Ukraine’s regional custom’s offices may be handed over under foreign management’s control shortly, at leat 200 Ukrainian citizens are being held captive by Russian proxies, 3,820 trucks have been sent for the past year from Russia to Donbas within 33 humanitarian convoys, Ukraine received EUR 600 million of macro-financial aid.